Wood Roasted Coffee
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we roast our coffee daily in small batches Ensuring you receive the freshest and most flavorful coffee you can find. 




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We use certified sustainable hardwoods to roast our coffee over an open fire. This creates a smoky, sweet, less acidic bean that is sure to please.


We use the highest grade Arabica beans we can get our hands on, from all over the world. 


Our coffee is shipped in biodegradable paper bags with hand-pulled, screen printed labels using water-based ink. 



Who are we?

We love good coffee. We have a passion for doing what we want, when we want. We laugh at pretentious coffee snobbery. We care about what people want, and they want good tasting coffee. And Eugene is the place where we have created something special because this has been a town that's given back to us. Who is Caffé Pacori? It's you. It's me. It's us and this little roastery creating delicious coffee over an open wood fire. 

Eric Pierce, Owner/Operator

Eric Pierce, Owner/Operator